Welcome to version 2.0

Welcome to version 2.0

Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome to my website 🙂

This is the first time that this site has gone through a major overhaul since its inception in 2006 nearly 13 years ago *cringe*. For someone with a full-time role in digital/media/communications, I’m well aware that that amount of time is ANCIENT in the website world, but it was just never a priority to update it. Thanks to Fiverr and a few stock images, here we are!

I used to be quite the active blogger between 2004 to 2010 (remember Xanga?).

Emilychu.com has always been a piano performing/teaching website and I hope to maintain it as such, with a little bit of personal life thrown in. I hope that you’ll follow me in this journey about my musician life, balanced with my day job, my new role as a “mum”, and life down under in the wonderful world of Aus.

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